Bike Rack

What do I create?

In my photography, I am not looking to create a feeling necessarily, but a reaction of, or sense of, intrigue, curiosity, or fascination.

A Light Up Above

Where does it come from?

My work comes from someplace within me, a place elusive even to myself. I don’t know that it is terribly deep; perhaps it is very shallow. But it is a realm where thoughts and feelings and experiences respond to what I see around me. It is a place from which come images that are a very public reflection of that personal place. What I create, what comes forth from me, is born of my personal life experience.

Ghost Town

Places Have Character

Why do I make pictures of places without people? I photograph places where people have been. And places where people will come to. But not where people are. Because empty places have something to say about people's behavior, even in their absence. When people are present, they are a distraction. When you observe an empty space you can understand more clearly the impact that people have had upon it.